Patinated Theory


  1. Departing Trains
  2. Departing Trains
  3. Transcendent Gateway
  4. Heart Essence
  5. Knucklehead
  6. Budapest
  7. Burnout
  8. Vanished Time
  9. Happy Hours
  10. Heritage

Alaitner András - Guitars

Papp Gábor - Drums

Papp Zoltán - Guitar and keyboards

Wéber Gyula - Bass

All songs written by Alaitner András

Produced by Alaitner András and Papp Zoltán

Engineer: Papp Zoltán

Mastering: Papp Zoltán

Cover design: Klencsák István

Special thanks to: My parents and my family, Légrádi Antal, Horváth Tibor Sándor, Mohai Tamás, Jánky Zsolt, Papp Zoltán, Papp Gábor, Wéber Gyula, Szlabony Anikó, and to all of my friends, and to everyone who helped me in this work.

2021 | Recordings were made in Corvin Sound Studio.

© Alaitner András | All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, rental, broadcasting and public performance of this record prohibited.

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