Falling From The Morning Sky


  1. Falling From The Morning Sky HUN
  2. Flow Part 1.
  3. Timeless Peace
  4. Flow Part 2.
  5. Five Movements
  6. King Of Winter
  7. Across Universes
  8. Falling From The Morning Sky ENG

Alaitner András - Guitars and prose

Pfeiler Ferenc - Drums and percussions

Papp Zoltán - Bass

Vikukel Dániel - Piano and keyboards

Földi Albert - Keyboards

Végh József - Lyrics

Linka Péter - English voice

All songs written by Alaitner András

Produced by Alaitner András

Engineers: Földi Albert & Kiss Zoltán

Mastering: Kiss Zoltán

Photos & cover design: Pető Szabolcs

Special thanks to: my parents, my brother, Végh József, Légrádi Antal, Horváth Tibor Sándor, Mohai Tamás, Szűcs Antal Gábor, Pfeiler Ferenc, Papp Zoltán, Vikukel Dániel, Földi Albert, Linka Péter, Kiss Zoltán, Utopia Studio, Kukucska Gábor, Wéber Gyula, Szabó Tamás, Tóth Zsuzsanna, Weichinger Andrea, Nick Thorpe, Czank Szilvia, Szlabony Anikó, Pető Szabolcs, and to all of my friends, and to everyone who helped me in this work.

2014 | Recordings were made in Utopia Studio.

© Alaitner András | All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, rental, broadcasting and public performance of this record prohibited.

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