1. Awakening part 1.
  2. Awakening part 2.
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Rainsong
  5. Primavera
  6. Dante
  7. Good Morning, Good Day
  8. My Christmas
  9. Turkish
  10. Good Night, Sweet Dreams

András Alaitner - Guitars

Erika Karácsony - Flute

Gergely Tar - Percussion

Csaba Winterverber - Bass

Heni Tilly - Vocal

Antal Gábor Szűcs - Contributing to guitar
songs 3. and 7.


All songs written by: András Alaitner

Music Director: András Alaitner, Albert Földi

Sound Engineers: Albert Földi, Zoltán Kiss

Mastering: Zoltán Kiss

Photography: László Sári

Design: Collective

Recordings were made in Utopia Studio 2009.

The recording is protected by the law!

All rights reserved!

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